Adjustable VTC Pulleys, Late Model VG30DE(TT) ('94-'95NA, '95TT)

Compare to Early VG30DE(TT)(Z32 '90-'93)

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Beginning with the 1994 NA model Nissan changed their VG30DE VTC pulleys to a multi-piece unit with a separate outer drive cog; the TT followed suit in 1995. The internal mechanisms are the same as the early model VTC except for the substitution of using teflon sealing rings. Most importantly, the piston return spring is exactly the same as that which was used in the early model VTC, and this spring is the primary part which allows VTC noise to occur.

At first glance, a stock Late VTC appears adjustable, similar to aftermarket race pulleys, but the bolts used to attach the cog are located on the back making them completely inaccessible once the pulleys are installed on the cams. The bolt-on cog with adjustment slots are more of a production aid which allowed the assembly worker to align the timing marks faster during manufacture. However in doing so, the bolts are typically not centered in the slots and do not allow an equal amount of adjustment from either side of zero. When BDE rebuilds late model VTCs, we set the bolts directly on center with the adjustment slot, allowing a full 10 (crankshaft) of adjustment from either side of zero. Also, BDE relocates the adjuster bolts to the front of the sprockets making them truly user-adjustable when installed.

Optional 3rd Element Timing Indicator

Camshaft degreeing takes into account machining variations throughout the entire engine and synchronizes each camshaft's timing precisely to the crankshaft. In the past, after degreeing with a traditional two element timing system, the end number on the adjustable pulley's timing scale would have no relevance to the now "degreed" camshaft timing and this could lead to a potential for confusion while tuning. Multiple camshafts, all with different final settings, tend to compound the issue even further.

The BDE 3rd element allows camshaft timing to now make sense after degreeing so you can make tuning changes on the dyno and always know where your original degreed zero point was.

VG30DE(TT) Adjustable VTC Price without 3rd Element - $590.00 per pair

VG30DE(TT) Adjustable VTC Price with 3rd Element - $640.00 per pair

(+$400.00 Core Charge for Late VTC)

Note, Late VTC front covers are different than Early front covers, AND, Late front covers are no longer available from Nissan. When you buy your Late VTC cores, be sure to get the front covers if you can.

Cores must be the same version as purchased, under no circumstances will early model VTCs be accepted as cores towards the purchase of late model VTCs.

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