Core Charges

Powder coated cores will no longer be accepted! Due to the additional time and expense it takes to remove the powder coating, BDE will no longer accept cores that have been powder coated. In addition, painted plenums will not be accepted.

Core charges will be refunded if good usable cores, as defined below, are received within 60 days from purchase. All cores must include a Core Credit Return sheet filled out completely.

To avoid paying a core charge, BDE will accept cores in advance of purchase - Under no circumstances will BDE ship products prior to receiving either the cores or a core charge payment.

The customer is responsible for proper packaging and all shipping expenses. BDE will not be responsible for cores lost or damaged during shipping.

Threaded bolt holes that are stripped will reduce core refund by $15.00 per hole.

Core Charges seem too high? Sorry, but this is to encourage customers to return suitable cores so we don't have to continuously search for them.

Transmission Adapter kits

$150.00 VG30DETT Bellhousing (cores from VG30DETT Z32 TT automatic only)

$75.00 Speed Sensor and drive gear for Z32/TH400 application only (cores from Z32 TT automatic only)

$50.00 Crossmember for Z32/TH400 application only (cores from any type Z32)


VTC Sprockets

Click here for the best way to ship your core sprockets

$150.00 Early model VTC Sprockets (1990 to 1993 TT or NA)

$400.00 Late model VTC Sprockets (1994+ TT or NA)


Top-Feed Fuel Rails

Unmodified specimens only, NO gasket matching or porting to the plenums will be accepted for cores. If your plenum(s) are gasket matched or ported, please send them in advance and we will process them so they can be returned with your fuel rail kit.

$125.00 Upper Plenum, TT or NA

$100.00 Lower Plenum, (early '90-'94 TT or '90-'93 NA only; customer must provide '95+ TT or '94+ NA lower plenum)

$100.00 Balance Tube, Z32 TT or NA (NO J30 type)

$20.00 Throttle cable bracket, TT or NA


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