The BDE TH400 kit is organized into stages to allow you to choose only the components needed or customize to your liking. For more information on each of the components, click on the links below.

Stage I Adapter Plate and Bellhousing Modifications

Stage II TH400/Z32 Crossmember

Stage III TH400/Z32 Speed Sensor

Stage IV Z32 Hurst Quarterstick Shifter Mount

Stage V TH400/Z32 Dipstick and Filltube

JW Performance TH400 Transmission

JW Performance TH400/VG Hybrid Torque Converter

Parts needed to complete the conversion but currently are not supplied by BDE are: flexplate, driveshaft, trans cooler, trans mount, torque converter pilot bushing, and shifter; PN and supplier recommendations are available upon request.


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